Students in the B.S. degree program with a GPA of 3.2 or better after five or more semesters of study have the option of applying to the combined B.S.M.S. program to pursue graduate coursework leading to the degree of master of science (M.S.).

Upon completion of the B.S. degree, students then enroll as a graduate student to continue work towards the M.S. degree. Admission to the master's portion of the program cannot be deffered: master's work must begin the semester following the completion of the B.S. degree. The requirements for both degrees remain the same.

The primary benefits of the program is a significantly simplified and expedited admissions process into the M.S. program and the ability to transfer in 3 courses (9 credits), rather than the standard 2 courses.

MS Requirements

Full details of the requirements for the M.S. program can be found here. This is a quick summary but should not be considered definitive.

1. Thirty (30) semester hours of courses numbered 400 or higher must be taken. The Graduate School Requires at least 3 hours of COMP 992 or 993 (Master's thesis or alternative); up to 6 credits can be taken.

Of the courses taken to meet the 30 semester hours, 3 must meet the breadth requirements of systems, theory and applications. The department website maintains a list of which classes satisfy each category.

2. The master's degree requires completion of a set of background requirements. These can be met by taking classes that are part of the 30 required credits, through self-study, or as part of your undergraduate program. Many of the courses that are in this category are included in the B.S. degree. Those that are not included but that are often taken during undergraduate studies are:

As well as any two of the following:

3. In order to earn the master's degree, you must satisfy a technical writing requirement to demonstrate your ability to write and integrate a range of concepts. More information on this can be found here.

4. You must also satisfy a programming product requirement, which can be met by taking COMP 523 or through an internship in a well-established software engineering organization. Full information can be found here.

What are the academic requirements?

You need a major GPA of 3.3 and an overall GPA of 3.0. The major GPA includes all courses that are required of the major, both prerequisites and courses for the major (this does include the physics and math courses required for the major).
To give us the ability to assess your work and for you to be comfortable that you want a master's degree, you must have completed at least SEVEN Computer Science courses at the 400-level or higher by the end of your junior year. This can include both required and distribution courses for your major.

When is the application deadline?

Application to the program must be within 2 semesters of your matriculation into the MS program, that is the first or second semester of your senior year. The specific deadline will be announced each semester but is typically 6 weeks into the semester.

When will an admissions decision be made?

Our goal is to complete the evaluation and decision process within 2 weeks of the application deadline. Changes to that will be announced at the same time as the exact deadline for that semester.

What are the required application materials?

Once accepted to the program, is it possible to defer admission?

Admission to the master's portion of the program cannot be deferred. Master's work must begin the semester following the completion of the B.S. degree.

How many times can a student apply?

Students are allowed to apply to the program once a semester.

Is there an application fee?

There is no application processing fee for this program.

Is it possible to submit the application by hard copy?

No, the entire application process must be online.

Which classes can I transfer?

CS classes 500 and above that did not count towards your bachelor’s degree.

If you have further questions, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.